Falling Through

William Wyatt Hauptle (1992- ) written in 2017.

This time let it all be you
Sunshine stealing through the blue
I wish it could be forever–
Rewind in the spring you gave
Sunshine every single day
I find you so very clever–

Falling, I’m falling through all your love

She flies tangling my dream
I climb every star I see
For her I would run forever–
In time let us all be free
Sunshine high for you and me
We find life so very clever–


William Wyatt Hauptle (1992- ) written in 2009.

I am but a child in the line,
Been a tied to the grapevine
Spinning round the table so long–
And my time is a blessing
So let me be free to pretend as I please!

I been dreaming of you–

And together we ride into the depths of our minds

Do you ever lie to the man
And you try to understand
What your mind is crammed full of?
Hopes and dreams and impossible things,
I’m here to sing it’s okay to wonder yeah–
And I can tell you all my life
I’ve been told to follow in line
“Hold on to the grapevine
Never question, nevermind the dreams”
But what do they mean? Yeah

I been dreaming of you–

And forever we fly to the west and we find the truth


William Wyatt Hauptle (1992- ) written in 2017.

I’m out here in the water, you’re on the ground
There’s something out here I’ll bring back home
I love your every color, I see your eyes
And everytime you go I lose my mind

She rows, woah, she rows
The river and I give her my love

Sometimes I think about it, how far we run
Somehow I found you I feel so young
If you ever wonder what’s out at sea
I believe in the water, it sets me free

In the back and I’m holding on and you wanna row away
Straight up into the sun into another day
I don’t know where we’ll go but I will go with you
We keep on growing, your love is shining


William Wyatt Hauptle (1992- ) written in 2015.

Digging my way from the ground to the sound,
Living a love so graceful–
Riding the wave a bit smoother now,
Long as my ears are able–
I wanna see you again,
I remember you when we stole the summer–
December is here, I know you are near,
My mind is to wonder–

If all my dreams sing so low,
For who they mean do they know?
My love is here, only free–
Keep growing and flowing so we can mosy.

Making my way from the back of the crowd,
Rhythm is ready and getting loud–
Humming for some of a smile,
Rosy in style to mosy a while–
Look at the way she sings,
Look at the way she move–
In every groove, gotta be true,
You know what to do–

Pure Light Within

William Wyatt Hauptle (1992- ) written in 2013.

You are the light of my world
Don’t ever think that you cannot be heard

My two eyes can see the pure light within you, within you

We fly these circles around
I hear the hum of your eternal sound

Holding Onto Love

William Wyatt Hauptle (1992- ) written in 2011.

Oh sweet Lord! Something caught my eye
In a childhood memory summer flyby
I remember sitting at the top of the slide
Handing her flowers and singing
“Oh my my, girl,
I’m gonna miss you all my life, girl,
I don’t wanna hold too tight, girl,
We’re just two turtle doves
Six years old and holding onto love”

I’m holding onto love

Oh sweet Lord! She’s on my mind
In a teenage remedy maybe I’m shy just a little bit
Now just ‘cause I don’t wanna ruin it
I wrote a song and I’m using it
To break through from the ear to the heart
Music with love and a love for the art
This part of my soul is reaching above
I can’t stop this holding onto love

I’m holding onto love

Oh sweet girl! Just one more thing
I’m leaving soon but for you I’m singing
“Oh my my, I’m gonna miss you
I just wanna kiss you”

In My Head (verses)

William Wyatt Hauptle (1992- ) written in 2011.

Her skin is softer than a cloud in the sky
Her eyes they shimmer like a star in the night
Her hair is beautiful, the crown of a queen
Her lips are sweeter than a tangerine

Her touch is smoother than the leaf of a tree
Her mind is stronger than I’ll ever be
Her heart is genuine, an engine of bliss
Her soul is deeper than the ocean’s abyss

Peace (verses)

William Wyatt Hauptle (1992- ) written in 2008.

This is more than a mission,
I keep walking on the pavement
With the same intent as before.
It’s become a tradition,
And I’m waking up to the
Same old singing bring into me

Oh, na–na na na na!

I will break superstition,
Sometimes you find that
All those sayings never weigh at all.
I’m holding a vision,
And I hope it’s breaking
Through to you

Oh, na–na na na na!

I love the ambition,
To pursue the moment
All alone I start to own it.
Her flawless precision
Is growing on me firm
And no I’ll never turn

Oh, na–na na na na!

Only With You (verses)

William Wyatt Hauptle (1992- ) written in 2014.

I can’t explain it, but it’s something beautiful
You can make it and my heart is over full
Soul naked as I waited to be pulled
Don’t break it, mama told me don’t
Fool around be cool for now we love again someday
Don’t fool around be cool for now we love again today

I gotta take it, been a victim to the crush
I can’t fake it God I’m trying not to blush
Soul naked as I waited for a flush
Dilated morning coming now
Love again, I know we can become again someday
Don’t fool around be cool for now we love again today

Riding True (verses)

William Wyatt Hauptle (1192- ) written in 2012.

It takes time to be anything
Another dream in the scene of reality
Everyday is a mission to find some peace

It take love to do anything
A little help from a friend or two or three
So make a deal be real to the people that ya see

What a crazy atmosphere, this year will test our every fear

So much to be down about
The world turns while we scream and shout
We need to stop bugging out and make some love

So much to be thankful for
I got my head and my heart with an open door
We live a life with a soul much deeper than the floor