Will Hauptle is an American musician and singer/songwriter. Hauptle’s music is a blend of folk and jazz - moods that are flexible and enjoyable. His repertoire includes original music and classic covers. Born in Memphis, Hauptle was introduced to the blues at an early age. Will studied music at The University Of Miami, where he was honored to meet heavyweight songwriters Steve Miller and Pat Metheny.

Will is also known as “Willy Good Vibes” a stage name for his vibraphone project. Debut album For The World was recorded in early 2019. The following album For The Cure (2020) is comprised of music by rock band The Cure. Let the vibraphone raise the "vibe" at your event bringing therapeutic benefits to all.

WILL HAUPTLE - Singer & Guitarist (Solo, Duo, Trio / Full Band)
WILLY GOOD VIBES - Jazz Vibraphone (Solo or Trio)
GREENWING - Funk Band (Trio / Full Band)

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For Booking & Info Contact bookings@willhauptle.com

For Booking & Info Contact bookings@willhauptle.com

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