Greenwing is a funk and surf rock band from Charleston, South Carolina. New album “Surf Bop” (2020) opens with an ode to SC titled “Surf Carolina” displaying the group’s unique musical alchemy. “Hippy Hop” follows with sounds from a rolling train and train whistle! The third tune “Sonic Womb” is a concept piece written as the ears of a baby, in womb, are hearing music for the first time. Next is rocker “She Move” and surf rock anthem “Bog Monsta”. Track six “Kinetic Bloom” almost evades description as psychedelic guitars play over a six-eight pattern. The album wraps up with 1970’s fueled “Real Drums”, Spanish inspired “Sombrero”, and New Orleans bound “Wonky Tonk”. Greenwing is surfing their way into 2020 with performances around the Southeast!

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