Acoustic Funk Primitive (2009).
All music and lyrics by Will Hauptle.

01. Alive & Breathing - Will Hauptle.
I woke up to the sunrise couldn’t stop yawning
Before the morning died I thought why did it come so soon
If I look outside I can still see the moon in the sky
Last night was quite the evening I don’t remember everything
But I do remember you the girl with the move

I’m alive and I’m breathing
But I wish that you were here with me giving up a little loving so sweet

I got so much to do so much to think about
I’m dying to see you again my mind is a mess
For you I’d caress the morning screaming
But don’t be believing a lie, I don’t want nobody to cry

On the road it’s hard to make a home
So hard to make it last, I gave my whole life to the tender mind
The sign said don’t do it but I’m already going through it
Said I’ve already gone down, I’ve already gone down woah mmm

02. Kiss From The Moon - Will Hauptle.
I may have forgotten what color you like yeah yeah
But still I remember the way you move your body right
And I’m kept up in the night

Kiss from the moon baby
I will see you soon enough
And I’m tired of waiting
Kiss from the moon baby
I will see you soon enough
This morning coming

And we growing closer I’m feeling your pull yeah yeah
You’re reeling me straight through the crowd
No objections I have babe I want you in full
A tall empty window awaits my arrival yeah yeah
I’d trek all the land over twice and again
Just to drop in your room for awhile

But still I am certain, it never grows old
Four kisses are perfect to concrete
Connections our hearts have been told
What is your intention, I’m bent on our trust
Four days without presence of you
Did I mention I think I’m in love

03. Divinity (Represent) - Will Hauptle.
Epic life in my veins calling me away love sending me stray this Marietta day
This a hella better way to get high it’s the safe road motherload free of a rising tide
Real life music with the real feel blues it always playing in the mind pick it off the streetside
Grab it outta the air bake it hot with a flair share around prepare ‘cause I astound while you stare
See I dig from the cats who can always give back to original styles they know where it’s at
Yea G. Love and Special Sauce the boss without Sublime or Dylan, shit we’d all be lost
Darling I got a case of the funk it’s swinging in the bullpen store it in the trunk
It’s real ‘cause this I stirred while ye hearing I be steering these are all my words

Honor your intentions maybe she will mention you when our time is spent
Hold onto your reasons with changing of the seasons we still represent divinity

Kick back relax why ya running so fast keep it cool steady are you ready for a blast from the past
It’ll hit ya before you can forget me I’ll take ya to the bridge babe you know I’mona get ya I get
Mean on the dream team it’s a game although it seems a little frustration gonna make ya fall into a
Dreaming of the futures and brahmaputras it all breaks to this age of computers come on

04. 4am - Will Hauptle.
I’m gonna find a southern belle and make her mine ’cause thats
The kind that I’m into it seems my friends say I live in a dream
And all my days are weighed down by the women that don’t even
Want me around but those that do I owe it to you
You motivate the soul to keep on going on through

It’s four in the morn’ and I’m already gone
My mind is stuck on a girl and a song
It’s four in the morn’ and I’m already gone away
Guess I’ll be sleeping today

She said now close those eyes while I propose
A game I chose then she carefully purposefully missed
My anticipation was met with a kiss
The time has froze and I found a woman
That really does want me around or so I believe
Temporary love is a game known to deceive

05. Mojo - Will Hauptle.
I know you got problems yeah let’s solve em
I’ll show you the way it’s simple I pray you listen
Let’s not forget you need to hit this stuff
For my way it’s a must you gotta
Evolve gotta crack your shell you
Gotta resolve if only time can tell
It’s a mess and I’ll best anything you hand to me
I love you babe but you gotta get your shit in harmony
If you wanna be ‘cause the economy is a problem see

And on behalf of all the world they say the times are a changing
Oh will all the down and outs will they ever make it

Streetside watermelon selling sugar for religion
Two dozen roses for the women suffering decision
While the leaders righteously entirely askew collision
Maybe we’ll return home satisfied in clear vision
Praise puts me in a daze how can I complain
Crashing through fluidity returning to a unity
Absolutely divine, gravitate to the love
What better fit to bridge the gap from above

06. Peace - Will Hauptle.
This is more than a mission, I keep walking on the pavement with the same intent as before
It’s become a tradition, and I’m waking up to the same old singing bring into me

Oh- nana nanana- nana nanana- nanana, nanana, oh-

I will break superstition, sometimes you find that all those sayings never weigh at all
I’m holding a vision, and I hope it’s breaking through to you

Why do they always fade from view
At a time when ya need to look back on the things you knew
I’m doing all that I can to show you that I love you
And I hope you’ll understand

I love the ambition, to pursue the moment all alone I start to own it
Her flawless precision, is growing on me firm and no I’ll never turn

07. Justaboy - Will Hauptle.
And I’ll keep on moving on
Bury all those things that make me uncomfortable
I will be myself until I’m done
And if there’s one thing I have learned it’s gone

Away from all the dirty tricks and politics and things
To make you feel a victim and I’m just a victim
But aren’t we all just out to make our way
I kept booking it home all alone and I was stoned
And in the moment there’s surely something different
’Bout my mind my mind my mind

I’m just a boy

08. Love You Everyday - Will Hauptle.
Dig in my pocket for another fistful of love
Coming at ya straight like a dove on Sunday morning
It’s time for loving give it all to the girl living in my world
She been talking to the angels even strangers kind
On days like this she gives it all

I’m gonna love you everyday, even on a dirty day
When the skies have fallen gray hey hey hey baby

Waiting for the rocket to come another lucky
Shot but she’s still all I got on monday morning
Our love is something real I’m real she’s real
It’s the mutual feeling we keep breathing beautiful
Healing the open wounds of the world with the love
Share some peace little dove come on

09. Align To The Track - Will Hauptle.
Staring at your picture only tends to make me
Wish that you were here on my side of the world
Staring at the skyline simply dreaming of a sunrise
To captivate your eyes on your side of the world

Love it’s been a long time coming but it feels so wonderful
Never stop running with it never stop coming with it never stop
Running with it never stop coming love it’s been a long time

Today’s the day we sign our heart and bury sense of tearing part
The she moves bedazzle taking over my time but I enjoy
Every incredible crazy line that you wind up
Align to the track I ain’t never going back
Align to the track I ain’t never going back

My mind is strangled I’m entangled in the sky high
This has always been a good dream
Always felt with a meaning love with the feeling
Always felt with a meaning love with the feeling
Align to the track I ain’t never going back
Align to the track I ain’t never going back
10. Spring Thing (instrumental) - Will Hauptle.