Acoustic Funk Vol. 1 (2010).
All music and lyrics by Will Hauptle.

01. Driving - Will Hauptle.
It was just another Saturday rattle in my bones wanna explode
I can’t be nobody all I wanna be is a part of the road to the real life
Yeah mama mama don’t push me

‘Cause I been driving around and I’m seeing things for the first time

It was alright ’til you came to mind I tried to shake you off my time
My time is a blessing baby don’t meddle with a maybe are ya
Keeping it lowdown cover for a brother yo we al seeing things I know I know
Smile just for awhile and I will I’ll drive and I’ll take ya home

I been driving, I been driving

02. Grapevine - Will Hauptle.
I am but a child in the line
Been a tied to the grapevine
Spinning 'round the table so long
My time is a blessing so let me be free
To pretend as I please

I been dreaming of you
And together we ride into the depths of our minds

Do you ever lie to the man
When you try to understand
But your mind is crammed full of
Hopes and dreams and impossible things
I'm here to sing its okay to wonder
And I can tell you all my life
I been told to follow in line
"Hold on to the grapevine
Never question, nevermind the dreams"
But what do they mean? Yeah

I been dreaming of you
And together we ride into the depths of our minds
And forever we fly to the west and we find the truth

03. Do Or Dream - Will Hauptle.
He wants to get out without a care unprepared
He’s been trying to get away everyday from the unfair
The sign says don’t do it but he’s already going through it
And now he’s a man mama let him go let him do it while he can

He wants to reach out to the world
In hope of love he wanna be heard
But the truth is everybody’s got a voice
It’s kind hard when you got the choice

He’s giving back to the people of the land with a
A goodtime something they can understand and a
Strong vibe a feeling of the right kind
To unwind your mind from the grapevine
He’s already gone and he ain’t looking back
His future is so golden and he’s sipping on that

To do or dream or something inbetween I mean you gotta give

04. Midnight Hymn - Will Hauptle.

This is the midnight hymn we been messin’ around
We got the real live jam with the summer sound
Keep it laid back all day relaxing by the pool
The only rule to give back to your mind
Your body your spiritual self
By taking that stress and put it on the shelf
‘Cause when the night come we gon’ sing
We kicking jams for the century

Midnight hymn- come into my life, and take away the pain
You’ll never be the same, never be the same, midnight hymn

Once again I find a friend by my side
Backing me up on this hell of a ride
It’s a journey through the time and the space
A mission to listen at the heart of the place
I was drawn by the taste of a flavor so sweet
Fruits of the earth don’t ever retreat
‘Cause God’s hand is a powerful friend
I wanna thank the Lord for the midnight hymn

05. Lay Me Down - Will Hauptle.
How will I ever make it through the week
Dug my hole too deep to even sleep
Tonight I pray will revive me
Tonight I pray will lift me out this hole
Feel the rush from exhaustion
Want to give into the night
Hold a reason to continue
Sensing a presence of the light

Father lay me down to rest I need it my body’s aching
Father lay me down to rest my mind it needs escape
Father lay me down to put away the memory of today
Father lay me down now Father show the way

There you are come to save from all that I am under

Working long again I wake to labor on again
I shake shake shake shaking it off
My body works one two now three Lord I need your remedy
‘Cause nothing worth being is worth giving up
So stand by the doses you pour in your cup
They paint you they make you they taint you
From signs around we discover the truth

06. Acoustic Sister - Will Hauptle.
I know a girl, a symbol in the world
And she’s always giving the peace and the love and the music
She never ever loses sight I need to be with her tonight
She survive everything everytime, child of the mother earth style of the summertime
Her songs never ever disappoint especially if you hand her a joint

Acoustic sister I got to have it, you’re on my mind beautiful habit
Play me a tune gimme a cure, I just want to chill and you are so pure

Seeing double vision I been hearing subtle melodies
Sexy thing you gonna make me melt acoustic funk will set us free
Truth be told I am in love I’m elevated far above
So far away keep stripping it down, you know what I’m talking about

07. Do What You Love - Will Hauptle.
Do right everybody use your head - let’s get together we gonna that bread
Don’t fight everybody use your head - it’s alright yeah that’s what I said
Open your eyes and realize - gotta do what you love while you’re still ahead

Do what you love, I said do what you love
Gotta do what you love, oh woah

I can’t stop the music in my mind in my body in my soul let it grow yo let it flow
I’m another victim of the rhythm I’m digging the drums so hit ‘em and give it to ‘em

I’m so addicted its ridiculous I freestyle said my rhyme is inconspicuous dead serious
From the east to the west to the holiday inn from the dusk to the dawn we gon’ do it agai

08. Rooftop Philosophy - Will Hauptle.
Please take a little time unwind and relax your mind
Expression is possession of the rhyme
A crime is invisible the feeling is mutual
The law’s gonna change man the dream is doable
When your soul is relevant the truth evident
Everyday’s begging peace from your residence
Take a load off Annie this is my philosophy

I’m sitting on the rooftop
Thinking ‘bout the world up high with the stars in the sky
My head going hip hop trying to pacify these thoughts of mine
I said we all need to learn how to let it be and mellow down easy

Can ya find a little time to climb up to cloud nine
Precision is a vision of the skyline
Our sign is positive divine is all of it
The world’s gonna change God is the real president
When my stress is a bellyflop I go rooftop I feel like a bull in a china shop
Way up here singing with the crowes under a midnight rainbow

09. Peace Out Loud
So high on a musical wave remove my pain
In the month of May it’s a summertime thing
Life is kicking faster forward getting longer everyday
Now allow me to explain myself I feel real good
Sunlight is my health we’re all giving living breathing
Cool chilling by the pool I am gonna give it to you yeah

How we do is peace out loud

It’s not always essential but for some it’s the potential to move on in the world
So so special is a word to describe those of us in mind nature in the nick of time yeah
Everybody wanna be free dog, everybody wanna be a free soul
Everybody just need some free love say it loud say it proud y’all

10. Flow (instrumental) - Will Hauptle.