Will Hauptle is a groovy songwriter with immense admiration for folk and jazz music. Recently Will released his first double album, “Acoustic Funk X” and “Acoustic Funk Y”. At gigs Hauptle is ready for requests - his repertoire includes original music, classic rock or jazz standards (a là Gershwin, Jobim, Irving Berlin, etc).

From marching a snare drum in the Tournament of Roses Parade to singing in front of a packed concert hall, Will is highly motivated with a tenacious ear for creativity. He began on piano but moved to drums in the footsteps of his father, learning and playing along with a cd player. Percussion ensembles, talent shows, and marching band fueled a desire to perform until he received an 8-track digital recorder.

During college, Hauptle was honored to meet and learn from heavyweight songwriters Steve Miller and Pat Metheny. At some point it occurred to Will that re-imagining old songs would give them new life. For example, a reggae version of “You Shook Me All Night Long” by AC/DC, or turning Beatles numbers into jazz riddles. On the side, Hauptle leads a disco-funk band called Greenwing. Keep an ear out for the next musical mix-up he's going to discover!

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