New'cou EP (2015).
All music and lyrics by Will Hauptle.

01. Don't Go - Will Hauptle.
Oh I wanna know how do we go every single day
Looking at the world thinking that we heard every little thing
We keep on learning while we're turning things around
We've gotta reach the higher ground

Don't go stay right here with me
Momma we are learning to see
Don't go stay right here with me

Oh I wanna learn how do ya burn all your blues away
Listen to the birds all the little words every thing they say
You make me feel so alive under the sun
And together we're better than one

02. Mosy - Will Hauptle.
Digging my way from the ground to the sound, living a love so graceful
Riding the wave a bit smoother now, long as my ears are able
I wanna see you again, I remember you when we stole the summer
December is here I know you are near, my mind is to wonder

If all my dreams sing so low for who they mean do they know
My love is here only free, keep growing and flowing so we can mosy

Making my way from the back of the crowd, rhythm is ready and getting loud
Humming for some of a smile rosy in style to mosy a while
Look at the way she sings, look at the way she move
In every groove gotta be true, you know what to do

03. Greenlight - Will Hauptle.
It could take all night to get to the light
Make way for a day when we all ignite in
A love that has cured matured and gifted
Sing unto thee let your worry be lifted high
Can I give a little love to all my friends
Wherever ya be or ya fly and always
Remember to render the love
Stay chill for the children

Follow what you feel
Bring your love to life
Tomorrow we can heal
Today is your green light

I need a little thyme to get outta this grind but
Her rhyme is a vine that i wanna keep climbing
And time is a lesson if a stressing keep
Messing with the love up top let it drop
My shaking soul won’t stop for the
Girl on a rooftop we can tick tock
Around til it’s safe and sound

Bring back all the love that you had in your heart from the start

04. Only With You - Will Hauptle.
I can't explain it but it's something beautiful
You can make it and my heart is over full
Soul naked as I waited to be pulled
Don't break it mama told me don't
Fool around be cool for now we love again someday
Don't fool around be cool for now we love again today

Is where I wanna be, only with you
You're where I wanna be, only with you

I gotta take it been a victim to the crush
I can't fake it God I’m trying not to blush
Soul naked as I waited for a flush
Dilated morning coming now
Love again I know we can become again someday
Don't fool around be cool for now we love again today

05. Represent Love - Will Hauptle.
Epic life in my vein calling me away love sending me stray this Marietta day
What’s a fella gonna say, you ask why it’s the safe road motherload free of a rising tide
Some kinda tuneage feel good like a blues and news is this how ya choose it
Grab it out the air so hot like a solar flair from the sun having fun see we
Dig from the cats always giving back to original styles that’s where its at yeah
We love it all don’t drop the ball, without a rhyme my children we’d all hit the wall
Now darling I got a case of the funk it’s swinging in the bullpen store it in the trunk
It’s real cause this I stirred while ya hearing I be steering these are all my words

Honor your intention maybe she will mention you when our time is spent
Hold onto your reason with changing of the season we still represent only love

Kick back relax why ya running so fast keep it
Cool steady are you ready for a blast from the past
It’ll hit ya before you can forget me I’ll take ya
To the bridge babe you know I’mona get ya going
Green on the dream team it’s a game although
It seem a little frustration gonna make ya fall into
A dreaming of the future and brahmaputra
I break it down with the sound of acoustic song