Psychedelicate Americana (2013).
All music and lyrics by Will Hauptle.

01. Curly Love - Will Hauptle.
Take a little trip to where it all started
Follow your brain when the rain departed
Take a good look at the beautiful art and
Throw down your heart come sing in the garden
Mother is here she's always near
Seeds in the wind year after year
Spread some love in the ground
Make it appear like it's fatter than the stratosphere

Sitting on top of the world
All you really need is a girl
And some of that all natural curly love
Would you believe me darling
If I said the world is ours and
This is a perennial garden

Climb to the beat on up a this tree
Come take a long see at the land of the green and free
Life is sweet but what do you think
About living out bare in the wild with me
We need a place to go
Come spend some time away from the race yo
The outdoors is about yours
We just need some perception time to explore

02. Groovy Tuesday - Will Hauptle.
Monday morning mourning the weekend trying not to
Focus all my attention on girls, guitars and fast cars
Why is Saturday so far away before ya know it’s Tuesday
If ya feel bluesy like a seventies movie
Remember we all got problems
Maybe it’s time to break out the bellbottoms

Turn your frown around let your hair hang down if you got
The blues baby won’t you come and play ‘cause it’s groovy Tuesday

Late at night when you wanna take flight
Gotta throw on the vinyl and cut out the light
Just dance in the dark to your favorite jam
That’s what I do when I feel like making a slam dunk
Dropping the funk living in check with the balances
Kinda like a monk in America making a move
Come feed your belly with the jelly of a groove
(Yep you bet it is)

03. Purple Praise - Will Hauptle.
I woke up this morning swimming in a bed of roses
And in this moment girl tell me do you know this is true
I love you can I undo your wing while I sing you praises
It might sound crazy but i really wanna be your baby

He loves you and I love you too
I la la la la la la love you

You’re the freshest presence beneath the sun
If I was a peach you’d be my plum
We would slow summer fade in the shade of a willow
Heaven our blanket and earth our pillow
Your beauty won't rest no matter the test
I’m warmed by a light in your eyes and chest
So blessed on the day when the lotus bloomed
God knows if I could be your groom

He loves you and I love you too
We love you so break on through
If you want to make love that is true

04. Riding True - Will Hauptle.
It takes time to be anything
Another dream in the scene of reality
Everyday is a mission to find some peace
It take love to do anything
A little help from a friend or two or three
So make a deal be real to the people that ya see
What a crazy atmosphere this year will test our every fear

Keep on reeling riding true ‘cause life is real
And so are you so are you really riding true
Then all the bad will fade away good things come in time they say

So much to be down about
The world turns while we scream and shout
We need to stop bugging out and make some love
So much to be thankful for
I got my head and my heart with an open door
We live a life with a soul much deeper than the floor

05. It's Your Life - Will Hauptle.
Don’t be a prisoner trapped in the game
Face your reality do your own thing just
Make sure to help a brother cover in the rain
Takers gonna lose and givers gonna gain
Time is a blessing only if ya use it
Wisely let your eyes see don’t lose it
The mind is a powerful force
Don’t let it get divorced from your soul
People gonna talk don’t let em push you around

It’s your life for you to live
You decide just how much to give
Don’t let someone control your time

Maybe take a hike through the heights of your brain
Or a train through the depths of your soul either way
You can find something beautiful make a your day
Like a childhood memory lost in the haystack
Take back the wheel put yourself on track don’t think about the past
There’s a beautiful world called the future
It’s your life so go pursue her
People gonna talk don’t let em push you around

06. Dove Dance - Will Hauptle.
So sacred to your mother
Lend your hand to your sister your brother
Swing down around from above
Together we can heal the world with our love
Awaken in a revelation so firm is the foundation

Your grace is so tasty my love
We can make it alright now
Dance in the light like a dove

If you want peace of the deepest kind
Gotta reel it back for a second time
Singing all ye one love livers in the source
Are you aware that we share in the divine force
Swing low let all the peeps know that we
Dance to deliver enhance the glow
My pigeon got a vision with a lens of love
Stay open my sister my lover my dove

07. Backyard Beat - Will Hauptle.
Sitting in the backyard sipping my drink
Watching the sky fade from blue to pink
A little time I been thinking ‘bout life
With a funk so think can’t split it with a knife
Sensations tickle my heart
Feet keep kicking to the sounds in the dark
If you wanna relax with a jam
I can find time for my brotherman

We sit behind the house
Just rapping on the couch
Making music so far away
Kicking it hard for the week with a backyard beat

Everything starts with a vision
I’m chilling on the patio tuned to the human stereo
I make beats with my hands bro
This is real time real sound real jam
Real afro on my head yo I cut the dread but
I still got one love shoutout to the bredren
You wanna chill just hit up my station
Acoustic nation is pure elevation

08. Hippity Hoppin' - Will Hauptle.
I see ya still crazy rocking it all night
Do right gimme peace of mind in the morning
What you wanna do today which road can we take
Always hugging never bugging only wanna make
Loving by the dozen while the oven is baking
I’m waking up with you and my soul keeps shaking

I don’t us flippity flopping this old train just keep on rocking
Never can quit no silly stopping all night long hippity hopping

Tonight we bloom don’t need a room
Sing it in tune me her and the moon
Way out here we’ll be together so soon
Summer still found us and it’s finally June
I just can’t stop I’m a sucker for the berry
Deep down in your heart is my sanctuary
I’m breaking a couple of rules with my thumb
‘Cause maybe this girl is the one two three four

09. Pure Light Within - Will Hauptle.
You are the light of my world
Don’t ever think that you cannot be heard

My two eyes can
See the pure light
Within you, within you

We fly these circles around
I hear the hum of your eternal sound

10. Moonbelly Breakdown (instrumental) - Will Hauptle.