Summafunk (2012).
All music and lyrics by Will Hauptle.

01. Some Kinda Love - Will Hauptle.
There’s something living in this world
If ya dig it you’ll be heard
It just takes a little work it’s worth the effort
And when you find it you will know
Open up and say hello

Everywhere there’s some kinda love everywhere
Anywhere you can find the love anywhere

When you finally do
You breakout and make your debut
Come uncover me too we can dance
In the light of the sunset to the night
And we’ll feel alright

Everywhere there’s some kinda love everywhere
Anywhere you can find the love shining all the time

02. On The Road - Will Hauptle.
Sometimes I wanna run away and get away from it all
Get on the road and just go for miles
Miles and miles ahead it does not end
For the journeyman roaming ‘round the land
Drifting on I just write my songs
Never stop for too very long 
Some say it’s wrong but I say what a ride and flow with tide
And thrive on suprise I see em in my eyes I see em in my eyes

Living on the road Lord I want to go live out on the road

Just digging it all like a beatnik what a treat it would be for me
To finally see for myself firsthand our country’s health
There’s a wealth of information at the train station
Tell me where to go and I will go
Hot damn you think I’m crazy man
‘Cause I read and I dream about it all
I’m bringing back Mr Jack Kerouac
Hey I like that stuff they were living it up couldn’t get enough
I must say I think about it you know I’m thinking

There’s so much to see and so much to believe

03. Don't Stop - Will Hauptle.
Get it on get it up get it happening
Break loose from the world you been trapped in
Get free elevate your mind and get ready for the night of a lifetime
‘Cause we all family tonight man it’s all good just don’t be fouling
We gonna pray hard under one rule chill out and play it cool

We are together like
I know you and you know me and everything is beautiful and
It’s all the better when everyone is having a goodtime and alright
We are together like I know you and you know me
And everything is beautiful and it’s all the better

Don’t stop carry on carry on keep it coming ’til the break of dawn

Not everyday do ya discover yourself singing
In the middle of a musical celebration
Together we sing together we bring
Together everything with good intention
‘Cause my party is a punch to the haters in the world
I said love thy neighbor for sure
For here we share the love peace and musical joy
To my brothers and my sisters enjoy yourself

Everybody’s looking lovely and nobody wants to fight
One love one heart ‘cause we are together and we feel alright

04. Mind Full - Will Hauptle.
Nobody will listen to you when you make no
No sense in the world, it can’t be heard
Said if everything is an illusion and you are
Confusing my head, don’t know what you said

I got a whole lot on my mind again
And I’m a think about calling it a day my friend yeah

But I gotta keep on moving on
Thinking ‘bout the days and the ways of
The haze and I’m killing it killing it praising it
Said acoustic funk never let ya down
Never bring ya down always bring ya back around

Uh uh yeah that’s what I’m talking ‘bout yeah

05. Feel Me - Will Hauptle.
Said I’m never never gonna know know know know
What ya want what ya really really want
And all this dreaming makes me dizzy
And a girl got a grip on my lip and it is making me a little crazy

Can ya feel me but I want you to heal me from this misery
And I want you to show me your goodtime right na na na now
But a darling do ya hear me

And everywhere I go everytime I leave
I turn around and I see you staring from above
We all need somebody to love aw yeah
If I can’t get it I will never forget it never never forget it no no no no
So stop trying to kill a man baby I just want to hold your hand

Calling out ah yeah hell I been crawling ‘round
’Round and ‘round and ‘round on my knees
Darling would ya please gimme some of your remedy

06. Child Of The Sun - Will Hauptle.
A little place called love that’s where I come from
Where the music screams as we dance in the sun
Run around like a kid with the power of a flower child
And get wild ‘cause I’m bringing the style
Nobody gon’ stop us nobody gon’ top us
And one by one they just hop on the bus Gus
These wheels they ride to the sky all aboard as we fly high

Shower down your light of love
Bake my body in the light of love
God I know it’s a miracle
Singing to the sky my lyrical

I’m a child of the sun and you’re a child of the sun
Of the sun of the sun of the sun of the sun of the sun

And when I wake up in the morning wonder
How it’s gonna be when I step outside for some vitamin D
And I pray for light and I pray for love and I pray for the sun
Lord and I pray for one too many things
I gotta keep it real I gotta tell myself that the
World’s gonna heal itself one day
When the night slips away
We gonna have ourselves a little party

07. Holding Onto Love - Will Hauptle.
Oh sweet Lord something caught my eye
In a childhood memory summer fly by
I remember sitting at the top of the slide
Handing her flowers and singing oh my my girl
I’m gonna miss you all my life girl
I don’t wanna hold too tight girl
We’re just two turtle doves
Six years old and holding onto love

I’m holding onto love

So please come back into my life
Understand I’m a man not ready for a wife
I just want to get to know you now
And maybe hold your hand somehow
I will not allow another plan to shove
It’s a time of change so turn the page
I’m growing older but I’m holding onto love

Oh sweet Lord she’s on my mind in a
Teenage remedy maybe I’m shy just a
Little bit now just ‘cause I don’t wanna ruin it
I wrote a song and I’m using it
To break through from the ears to the heart
Music with love and a love for the art
This part of my soul is reaching above
I can’t stop this holding onto love
Can’t stop this holding onto love
I’m nineteen years and I’m holding on your love

Oh sweet girl just one more thing
And I’m leaving soon but for you I’m singing
Oh my my I’m gonna miss you
I just wanna kiss you

08. Stealin' Can't Be Healin' - Will Hauptle.
She’d do it all over again like a remedy
I’m calling her my friend no no more enemy
I’d do it all over again between you and me
I’m feeling wonderful feeling wonderful this is freedom

The story of a girl crying out to the world
She never really cared until everything fell apart
Can’t understand no more conspiracies
The stealing can’t be healing y’all
The stealing can’t be healing y’all
But she slides on in like I’m in love like I’m in love

The stealing can’t be healing y’al

09. Transcendental Gentleman - Will Hauptle.
Yes I know that I’m a child of the wild wild woods
‘Cause my thumb’s still green and it means so good
When I fly through the garden in the arms of a breeze
Grandmother’s medicine shimmers down the trees
Still chilling in the woods yo Thoreau had it right
The earth is living poetry laid open to the light

I’m just a jamming young
Gentleman very transcendental
And preaching this melody medicine

Mama Earth is such an artist and she’s putting on a show
Every single morning come and hear the free wind blow

So when peace like a river attend unto the way
Baby praise Mother Nature as the wise men say
Maybe read a little Emerson let rhyme and rhythm shower
Another brother’s poetry tricked out in star and flower

10. Acoustic Disco Lullaby (instrumental) - Will Hauptle.

11. Skyhigh (bonus track) - Will Hauptle.
(In the sky baby)
Skyhigh singing I’m skyhigh bringing my
A.K. funk down off the grapevine
I never stop moving with the music no
Still strumming on my six string bass line
All I want is for the world to look up
All we need is to fill our hearts up
All the clouds and all the sun’s love
Makes me want to stand and jump up

Skyhigh loving every single thing you do
Skyhigh let it all shine through
Skyhigh loving every single thing you say
Skyhigh having a good day having a good day

Skyhigh loving I’m skyhigh tugging my lonely girl into my world
She’s beautiful a little unusual kinda shy but oh so wonderful
All I want is for her to look up
All we need is to sink our hearts up
All the butterflies and all the bittersweet
Love damn it’s time to man up

12. In My Head (bonus track) - Will Hauptle.
Her skin is softer than a cloud in the sky
Her eyes they shimmer like a star in the night
Her hair is beautiful the crown of a queen
Her lips are sweeter than a tangerine

I don’t know when I’ll see your face again
But I will hold you here inside my head
In my head it’s only you now in my head

Her touch is smoother than the leaf of a tree
Her mind is stronger than I’ll ever be
Her heart is genuine an engine of bliss
Her soul is deeper than the ocean’s abyss