Suncharm EP (2017) - Greenwing.
All music and lyrics by Will Hauptle.

01. Falling Through - Greenwing.
This time let it all be you
Sunshine stealing through the blue
I wish it could be forever
Rewind in the spring you gave
Sunshine every single day
I find you so very clever

Falling I’m falling through all your love

She flies tangling my dream
I climb every star I see
For her I would run forever
In time let us all be free
Sunshine high for you and me
We find life so very clever

02. Making Me Believe - Greenwing.
Take me for a ride up into the sky faster than a light
Up into the stars hold me in your arms
I see you you’ve got me on the edge
I need you I’m trying not to beg

It’s so hard to wake from dreaming
You’re the only thing I need and
I feel fine when you’re here with me and
You woah you you’re making me believe

When pushing comes to shove I can feel your love
Something from above made me wanna learn
My heart will ever burn
I see you you’ve got me on the wall
I need you I’m giving you my all

03. Fade To Blue - Greenwing.
Two hands for the lonely girl crying on the train
Can’t stop this crazy world from holding you to blame
She waited all this time I never knew your name
Just one more breath and you will fall asleep again

It doesn’t have to be so hard
Take one look around before you go and fade into a memory
It doesn’t have to be so bad take another look before you
Kiss the ground and say goodnight
And fade to blue

You shine the brightest light from here and to the sun
Let me hold your pretty hand over everyone
It’s up to you and I to choose who we become
Just one more wish and you’ll be waking up again

04. Rowing - Greenwing.
I’m out here in the water you’re on the ground
There’s something out here I’ll bring back home
I love your every color I see your eyes
And everytime you go I lose my mind

She rows woah she rows the river and I give her my love

Sometimes I think about it how far we run
Somehow I found you I feel so young
If you ever wonder what’s out at sea
I believe in the water it sets me free

In the back and I’m holding on and you wanna row away
Straight up into the sun into another day
I don’t know where we go but I will go with you
We keep on growing your love is shining

05. Breathe - Greenwing.
Breathe breathe in the air all around
We we are the love and the light
Nothing compares to the way you move your mind
Breathe breathe in the air all around

If I tell you now just how I feel that I believe in you
Would you take my word into your mind it’s free
And in the morning I see you shining I wanna love
Keep it alive inside your heart please