Surf Bop (2020) - Greenwing.
All music and lyrics by Will Hauptle.

01. Surf Carolina - Greenwing.

02. Hippy Hop - Greenwing.
I don’t see us flip or flopping this old train just keep on rocking
Never can quit no silly stopping all night long hippy hopping

I see ya still crazy rocking it all night
Do right gimme peace of mind in the morning
What you wanna do today which road can we take
Always hugging never bugging only wanna make
Loving by the dozen while the oven is baking
I’m waking up with you and my soul keeps shaking

Tonight we bloom don’t need a room
Sing it in tune me her and the moon
Way out here we be together so soon
We can be loud and we can be true
I just can’t stop I’m a hippy hop fairy
In the heart is my sanctuary so I
I dig down to the ground and I pray
Love life love this love you everyday

03. Sonic Womb - Greenwing.

04. She Move - Greenwing.
She move her body and she move my soul

I don’t even know her I think she is beautiful
There’s something about her, hmm
Now I wanna know her is she an angel
Or am I just a little bit lowdown loverboy crazy

And now I know her and this is so real
No more dreaming, no more dreams
Woah now I know you are more than beautiful
You’re turning this heart of a worn down fella to a melody

05. Bog Monsta - Greenwing.

06. So Nice - Greenwing
In my eyes you are a dream, I recall the spring
When I heard you sing hello
You do it everytime oh you blow my mind
Queen of all the light can see

It’s so nice just to see your face
It’s so nice in every way yeah
It’s so nice and every time you smile
So nice even for a little while

How do I find a song, I listen to her palm
The rhythm is inside of you
Underneath the sun I knew that we’d begun
This never ending love again

07. Kinetic Bloom - Greenwing.

08. Real Drums - Greenwing.

09. Sombrero - Greenwing.
We get along right down to the bone
So fresh and funky and flow
Now all I want is some more
Maybe all I got is you girl
I know you can change this world
My head fly like a bluebird
Keep hanging on every word
I think I'm going under

To find my sombrero
I can’t find my sombrero
I can’t find my sombrero
Can’t find my can’t find my sombrero

Move on if you need to move on
Keep spinning around this sun
Many things coming and going
Now all I got is a song
Wanna go wherever you go
Say learn however you know
Can I row 'til I can't no more
I think I'm going under

10. Chomper - Greenwing.