Tie-Dyed & Bona Fide (2011).
All music and lyrics by Will Hauptle.

01. The World Is On Your Side - Will Hauptle.
Nuthin' gonna happen if ya sit there lookin' at the ground
Ya gotta get up and look around
Bury ya worry deep down into ya pocket
Or drop it off when ya blast off on ya rocket
Haha, can ya throw me a smile?
‘Cause it'll shine for miles and miles and miles

We are empty dreaming sitting waiting for a sign
When really we're being silly 'cause its all in the mind

I said the world is on your side
No need to run no need to hide
So make a move on the day
And together we will play

Trace the rainbow through the rain
On a bad day baby you can make a change
All aboard the train, be a giver and gain
Spread a little love on the hippie campaign
And if ya see a redbird blow her a kiss
Close ya eyes momma said make a wish
I’m a dishin' out a bit of my soul for the nation
In acoustic funk vibration

02. I Want This To Be Love - Will Hauptle.
Everything that you do is beautiful
And I want this to be love
Every word that you say is truthful
And I want this to be love

And I pray this is for real so real
‘Cause I feel your every word
And the light of your eyes it shines upon my face
And God it feels so right

Everytime we meet you’re right on time
And I want this to be love
Everywhere that we go is sunshine
And I want this to be love

03. Metamorphosis - Will Hauptle.
Crawling round town I’m a caterpillar
Trying to find some green food
For my last dinner as I roll up my cocoon
I’m getting ready for a change
That’ll take a me up and away
‘Cause I’m gonna fly today
And I’m leaving oh so soon

In a moment I will be gone floating on a sound
And I spread my wings ‘cause I’m a butterfly now

I was a caterpillar lost looking for a thriller
’Til I found a groove with a punch like Godzilla
So I took it in my cocoon for a ride
And became a beautiful butterfly what am I
Trying to say baby listen to your heart
Find a dream and give it a start
And take it inside your mind for a twist
And break it out with a metamorphosis

In a moment you will be gone floating on a sound
And you can spread your wings ‘cause you’re a butterfly now

“May the wings of the butterfly kiss the sun
And find your shoulder to light on
To bring you luck, happiness and riches today, tomorrow and beyond"

04. Grapevine - Will Hauptle.
I am but a child in the line
Been a tied to the grapevine
Spinning 'round the table so long
My time is a blessing so let me be free
To pretend as I please

I been dreaming of you
And together we ride into the depths of our minds

Do you ever lie to the man
When you try to understand
But your mind is crammed full of
Hopes and dreams and impossible things
I'm here to sing its okay to wonder
And I can tell you all my life
I been told to follow in line
"Hold on to the grapevine
Never question, nevermind the dreams"
But what do they mean? Yeah

I been dreaming of you
And together we ride into the depths of our minds
And forever we fly to the west and we find the truth

05. Fly Right By - Will Hauptle.
Reaching out my hand in the sky
I wanna touch ya as ya fly right by now baby
Show me what you love to do, what do you love to do

When ya fly right by
Ya make me wanna feel so good

I’m reaching out my hand in the sky
I wanna touch ya as ya fly right by now baby
Show me what you love to do, what do you love to do go

06. Frame Of Mind - Will Hauptle.
(Mmhm girl I just gotta tell you the truth now right now
You can do anything you wanna do it’s all in your head)

I’ll catch your dreams by the night, overthrow your kings at their height
Capsize their ship with a swipe, rock and roll ain’t that right
I got a goal to reach with you, free your mind from subdue
Let your good time rise up true, yeah said it’s all in your head

A goodtime is a frame of mind let your body rock to the rhythm alright

(Mm yeah I’m coming real life real time real sounds real thing
It’s like the it’s like a rollercoaster of acoustic funk)

Can you show me what you hide, can you prove that you’re not shy
‘Cause babe I try so hard to make you mine, please don’t leave tonight
I got a world to show what I do, you ain’t got a clue
Let your good foot shake a little too, yeah said it’s all in your head

07. Pleasant Distraction - Will Hauptle.
My head’s in the middle I’m doing the dribble
Everything is happening so fast I just wanna laugh ha
This girl is on my mind while the rest of my life just rolls on by

I got a whole lot to do but all I want is you, oh yes I do

My hand’s on the book but I ain’t gonna look
School is such a drag I want throw in my flag
This girl is all I see said I would rather study her anatomy

I got so much to do but I’m ready for you

Said my head’s in the middle still doing the dribble
Don’t you worry I will pass this hell of a class but
But this girl’s at the top of the list
All I really wanna do is get another kiss

08. Beautiful Is Everywhere - Will Hauptle.
Driving down the highway headed to the land
Couple of friends in the backseat and we’re looking at the weekend
Singing to a southern sun way up in the sky
Grooving to the music ‘cause it gets us so high

I got a stain on my shirt I got a hole in my jeans
My hair is such a jungle and I ain’t too clean
I got a whole lotta memories sitting in my mind
But there are many many things I still have yet to find

For the loving of living I sing beautiful is everywhere

And truth be told I’m guilty I’m a dreaming man
But faith in hope and love has held my heavy heavy hands
Tomorrow is unknown to every soul around the world
A set of sun can steal your heart but so can a girl

So take a look around up and down town to town
There’s something to be said for the water
And the land and the air beautiful is everywhere

09. Acoustic Prayer - Will Hauptle.
I said now hey brother hey brother listen to my word
I’m spreading a message I said I wanna be heard
The soul of the world is a living on love
Let’s keep it alive and follow the dove
‘Cause God has plans for the future ahead
Peace is within reach and I said
It is a crazy world that we inhibit today
But it gets little better every step of the way

To my lovers and my dreamers a song is in the air
I said I’m praying for peace on earth with this acoustic prayer

I said now hey brother hey brother listen to my song
I’m singing for the purpose of a right not wrong
So come on come on come on lend up your voice
It ain’t too hard when you got the choice
To do or dream or something inbetween but I mean you gotta give
So do the dream and put yourself between the yin and the yang
And let’s get positive

10. Green Angel (instrumental) - Will Hauptle.