1. Midnight Hymn

From the recording Acoustic Funk X

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This is the midnight hymn we been messin’ around
We got the real live jam with the summer sound
Keep it laid back all day relaxing by the pool
The only rule to give back to your mind
Your body your spiritual self
By taking that stress and put it on the shelf
‘Cause when the night come we gon’ sing
We kicking jams for the century

Midnight hymn come into my life and take away the pain
You’ll never be the same midnight hymn

Once again I find a friend by my side
Backing me up on this hell of a ride
It’s a journey through the time and the space
A mission to listen at the heart of the place
I was drawn by the taste of a flavor so sweet
Fruits of the earth don’t ever retreat
‘Cause God’s hand is a powerful friend
I wanna thank the Lord for the midnight hymn