1. Lay Me Down

From the recording Acoustic Funk X

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How will I ever make it through the week
Dug my hole too deep to even sleep
Tonight I pray will revive me
Tonight I pray will lift me out this hole
Feel the rush from exhaustion
Want to give into the night
Hold a reason to continue
Sensing a presence of the light

Father lay me down to rest I need it my body’s aching
Father lay me down to rest my mind it needs escape
Father lay me down to put away the memory of today
Father lay me down now Father show the way

There you are come to save from all that I am under

Working long again I wake to labor on again
I shake shake shake shaking it off
My body works one two now three Lord I need your remedy
‘Cause nothing worth being is worth giving up
So stand by the doses you pour in your cup
They paint you they make you they taint you
From signs around we discover the truth