From the recording Acoustic Funk X

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Please take a little time unwind and relax your mind
Expression is possession of the rhyme
A crime is invisible the feeling is mutual
The law’s gonna change man the dream is doable
When your soul is relevant the truth evident
Everyday’s begging peace from your residence
Take a load off Annie this is my philosophy

I’m sitting on the rooftop
Thinking ‘bout the world up high with the stars in the sky
My head going hip hop trying to pacify these thoughts of mine
I said we all need to learn how to let it be and mellow down easy

Can ya find a little time to climb up to cloud nine
Precision is a vision of the skyline
Our sign is positive divine is all of it
The world’s gonna change God is the real president
When my stress is a bellyflop I go rooftop I feel like a bull in a china shop
Way up here singing with the crowes under a midnight rainbow