From the recording Acoustic Funk Y

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Nothin' gonna happen if ya sit there lookin' at the ground
Ya gotta get up and look around
Bury ya worry deep down into ya pocket
Or drop it off when ya blast off on ya rocket
Haha, can ya throw me a smile?
‘Cause it'll shine for miles and miles and miles

We are empty dreaming sitting waiting for a sign
When really we're being silly 'cause its all in the mind

I said the world is on your side
No need to run no need to hide
So make a move on the day
And together we will play

Trace the rainbow through the rain
On a bad day baby you can make a change
All aboard the train, be a giver and gain
Spread a little love on the hippie campaign
And if ya see a redbird blow her a kiss
Close ya eyes momma said make a wish
I’m a dishin' out a bit of my soul for the nation
In acoustic funk vibration