1. Curly Love

From the recording Acoustic Funk Y

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Take a little trip to where it all started
Follow your brain when the rain departed
Take a good look at the beautiful art and
Throw down your heart come sing in the garden
Mother is here she's always near
Seeds in the wind year after year
Spread some love in the ground
Make it appear like it's fatter than the stratosphere

Sitting on top of the world
All you really need is a girl
And some of that all natural curly love
Would you believe me darling
If I said the world is ours and
This is a perennial garden

Climb to the beat on up a this tree
Come take a long see at the land of the green and free
Life is sweet but what do you think
About living out bare in the wild with me
We need a place to go
Come spend some time away from the race yo
The outdoors is about yours
We just need some perception time to explore