From the recording Acoustic Funk Y

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I see ya still crazy rocking it all night
Do right gimme peace of mind in the morning
What you wanna do today which road can we take
Always hugging never bugging only wanna make
Loving by the dozen while the oven is baking
I’m waking up with you and my soul keeps shaking

I don’t us flippity flopping this old train just keep on rocking
Never can quit no silly stopping all night long hippity hopping

Tonight we bloom don’t need a room
Sing it in tune me her and the moon
Way out here we’ll be together so soon
Summer still found us and it’s finally June
I just can’t stop I’m a sucker for the berry
Deep down in your heart is my sanctuary
I’m breaking a couple of rules with my thumb
‘Cause maybe this girl is the one two three four