1. It's Your Life

From the recording Acoustic Funk Y

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Don’t be a prisoner trapped in the game
Face your reality do your own thing just
Make sure to help a brother cover in the rain
Takers gonna lose and givers gonna gain
Time is a blessing only if ya use it
Wisely let your eyes see don’t lose it
The mind is a powerful force
Don’t let it get divorced from your soul
People gonna talk don’t let em push you around

It’s your life for you to live
You decide just how much to give
Don’t let someone control your time

Maybe take a hike through the heights of your brain
Or a train through the depths of your soul either way
You can find something beautiful make a your day
Like a childhood memory lost in the haystack
Take back the wheel put yourself on track don’t think about the past
There’s a beautiful world called the future
It’s your life so go pursue her
People gonna talk don’t let em push you around