1. Greenlight

From the recording Greenlight (2015 Single)

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Single from 2015
All Music Written and
Performed by Will Hauptle


It could take all night to get to the light
Make way for a day when we all ignite in
A love that has cured matured and gifted
Sing unto thee let your worry be lifted high
Can i give a little love to all my friends
Wherever ya be or ya fly and always
Remember to render the love
Stay chill for the children

Follow what you feel
Bring your love to life
Tomorrow we can heal
Today is your green light

I need a little thyme to get outta this grind but
Her rhyme is a vine that i wanna keep climbing
And time is a lesson if a stressing keep
Messing with the love up top let it drop
My shaking soul won’t stop for the
Girl on a rooftop we can tick tock
Around til it’s safe and sound

Bring back all the love that you had in your heart from the start